Download Event Sponsorship 101

When it comes to event sponsorship, companies are no longer satisfied to sit on the sidelines; they want to be seen participating and adding value to your event. Ultimately that makes their participation more interesting and rewarding for both you and your event attendees!Hubb-WP-Event-Sponsorship-101-Angle-Thumbnail

But that means creating a modern sponsorship program is more complex today than the past, when sponsors were relegated to a one-sized-fits-all package in a 10-by-10-foot exhibition booth.

Hubb's Event Sponsorship 101 whitepaper offers insights into:

Finding sponsors - Understanding who might be attracted to your events and places to find them.

Talking to sponsors - Tips for making the outreach process efficient for you and the sponsors.

Sponsorship package ideas - Some of the ideas are creative and innovative; some have been around because their effectiveness gives them staying power.

Managing sponsors - Tools for automating sponsor communications and deliverables, and what to include in post-show follow-up with your sponsors.