Event Tech Trends: What to Know, Where to Look & How to Cut Through the Noise 


“Ten hot tech innovations for 2017”

“The five killer trends your event can’t live without” 

- are you tearing your hair out yet?!

The event tech ecosystem is constantly changing, often making it difficult to know how to sort through all of the information and know where to focus your attention...it got us thinking, “it really shouldn’t be this tough!”

This webinar, hosted by the Event Tech Tribe,  is all about providing you with key takeaways, tips and advice that will...

  • Inspire you with some examples of what’s trending globally
  • De-mystify some of the jargon that’s out there
  • Highlight the tools and websites you should be aware of to stay on top of what’s happening
  • Show how you can assess the opinions to analyze the benefits to your events

Date:  April 26, 2017
Time: 2:30pm PDT / 5:30pm EDT / 10:30pm BST


This event has already happened. You can watch the webinar recording below.

Event Tech Trends will be presented by Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO of ShowGizmo and Lara Simmons, ShowGizmo Marketing Manager.

Marie-Claire Andrews is the founder and CEO of ShowGizmo. She is an events industry and tech vetran and was named one Smart Meetings Top Women Entrepreneurs in 2016.



Lara is a strategic marketer and brand manager with a focus on changing audience behaviour, tech trends and industry opportunities. 



This webinar and the Event Intelligence webinar series is brought to you by The Event Tech Tribe.

Who are we?

The Event Tech Tribe is a collaborative ensemble of best-in-class event technologies that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly, to coordinate at a client level. We’ve brought together similarly minded companies and built a way of working that puts the customer first. Every member of the Tribe is run by an experienced event professional, culturally hard-wired to think like an event planner, using technology to get results, rather than just for technology’s sake.