Simple Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Event Webinar


"Powerful" and "easy-to-use" are not opposites when it comes to event technology!

Even the sharpest event organizers we know often find themselves intimidated by technology and struggle to decide which tools can truly make a difference for their events. This free webinar will help by highlighting straightforward ways you can use technology to simplify the planning process, improve attendee experience, and increase event ROI.

Attendees will leave this webinar, hosted by the Event Tech Tribe, with...
  • An understanding of the current landscape of event technology tools
  • Knowledge of how to identify and select easy-to-use tools that can help with planning, content management, analytics, website management, marketing, scheduling and more
  • Steps for how to best use these tools to meet your event's needs
  • The warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you're about to make a huge impact on your event

Date:  February 22, 2017
Time: 1pm PST / 4pm EST


This event has already happened. You can watch the webinar recording below.

allie headshot[3883].jpgPresented by Hubb CEO and founder Allie Magyar, you'll learn from her fifteen plus years of experience designing and executing hundreds of meetings and events worldwide, including Microsoft's largest conference, Microsoft Ignite.


This webinar and the Event Intelligence webinar series is brought to you by The Event Tech Tribe.

Who are we?

The Event Tech Tribe is a collaborative ensemble of best-in-class event technologies that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly, to coordinate at a client level. We’ve brought together similarly minded companies and built a way of working that puts the customer first. Every member of the Tribe is run by an experienced event professional, culturally hard-wired to think like an event planner, using technology to get results, rather than just for technology’s sake.