FREE Webinar: Thinking Beyond the Walls of Your Event

Content is often better experienced than described in words. For brands in industries with complex subject matters, interactive technology can help conference attendees understand and connect with themes and products better, and amplify the message to a broader audience.

This webinar's insightful presenter Sean Florio will provide concrete examples from leading events by GE, BBC News, GitHub, Uber and more. Areas of discussion will include: A/V concepts, activating social studios, live podcasts and producing web casts, integrating VR & AR, among other strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Give your stories life beyond the walls of your event.
  • Bring the outside in.
  • Think multidisciplinary and multisensory.
  • Think scenic – staging as content.
  • Know when to go analog.




Presented by: 

Sean Florio, Manifold, award winning event expertSean Florio, Co-founder & Partner, Manifold

Sean Florio is a Co-founder and Partner at Manifold, bringing 20 years of experience managing large-scale, award winning live event, experiential, brand marketing and global public relations campaigns for leading companies including Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, GE and others. 11 of those years were spent growing Yahoo’s global Buzz Marketing team, focused on the convergence of experiential and digital in both the U.S. and abroad. Sean has played lead roles in several large-scale, high profile executions globally and has managed complex experiential campaigns at the FIFA World Cup, Olympics, MTV VMA’s and others.